In the interactive map, each “icon” named “markers” designates a main establishment of the Order in the country or overseas when it concerns French territories.

The map is zoomable; to go back to the initial view just click on the house icon at the bottom right of the map.

When you click on the “marker” a window opens in which you can see :

  • a hypertext link to the country’s website when it exists.
  • a form to contact the country concerned.

Below the map, you will find a list of the countries in alphabetical order.

You can scroll through the list using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the list. You can also search directly for a country by typing its name in the search box at the top of the list (expressed in English according to the international postal system).

By clicking on one of the lines in the list, as for the map markers, a window will open on the map, with a link and form.

If you can’t find a location in the country you are looking for, you can send us a more precise request via the contact form here.


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