• it is a mixed Masonic Order where men and women work together in perfect equality and harmony;
  • it is the only international Masonic Order;
  • it’s an initiatory Order that works from the 1st to the 33rd degree.

The Freemasons of the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women LE DROIT HUMAIN work together to promote freedom of conscience, tolerance and harmony in a fraternally united society without distinction of ethnic, social, philosophical or religious origin. They undertake to respect the right of absolute freedom of conscience for all.

The Order works to develop its members using a ritual and symbolic method.

Through discussions in lodge (the word workshop is also used to designate a lodge) and actions in society, its members seek to achieve the maximum moral, intellectual and spiritual development for all humans throughout the earth.

The initiatory process:

Freemasonry is an initiatory process. This is essentially based on self-knowledge and awareness of other men and women and of their world. The characteristic of an Initiatory approach is to encourage step-by-step progression. Our Order, practising as it does, the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite (A&ASR) is comprised of 33 degrees. The first three degrees of these (Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason) are conferred within the Symbolic or Blue Lodge.

The progression of study is continued within other Lodges known as Lodges of Perfection as they deepen knowledge and Masonic tradition. They all contribute to each student’s personal development.

Each Freemason determines their speed of progress for themselves – the time between each degree may vary. There is no obligation for a member to attain a particular degree.

The symbolism:

Exemples d'outils du franc-maçon

Examples of Freemason’s Tools

Each new degree is conferred in a ceremony. These ceremonies mainly use symbols. This is because Freemasons must be able to understand things which cannot necessarily be conveyed orally or in writing.

These symbols are a universal language which do not influence religious or philosophical beliefs as the symbolism and initiatory process are deeply personal to the individual. Freemasonry is not a religion.

Purpose of the Order:

Freemasons are free to follow their own beliefs, if they have any, and to enjoy their absolute freedom of conscience. Likewise Freemasonry does not interfere in social, political or ideological matters.

The Order professes no dogma whatsoever. It is engaged in a search for truth. This is why any discussion in Lodge on the subject of Politics or Religion can have no purpose whatsoever other than to enlighten the members and enable them to fulfil their duty as Freemasons with increased factual knowledge.


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