Since 1893, the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women, LE DROIT HUMAIN has initiated men and women on all continents in full equality.

Today there are 30,000 Sisters and Brothers in more than 60 countries who share the same ideal: to make the world more beautiful and more fraternal.


International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women LE DROIT HUMAIN

This name summarizes what our association is and what characterizes it: LE DROIT HUMAN is an association of Freemasons, which affirms equality between men and women, and has an international character.

Yes, we are part of this Masonic movement which it is common to say was born at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Our organization, our Order takes up the ritual modes linked to Freemasonry, it was created more than one hundred and thirty years ago and has immediately affirmed its commitment to diversity, to equality between men and women. He extended it to all human beings. It has been part of an international context from the outset, and proclaims LE DROIT HUMAIN, a right for all humans.

The challenges facing human beings are multiple and transcend borders. The lack of resources, the climate problems which are current, arise everywhere on the planet.

Attacks on freedom in very different forms continue to increase. Many human beings are victims of it on all continents. This is the case for those who live in countries at war. This is the case for those who live in countries where they are subject to an explicit or implicit dictatorship. This is the case for all those who are left out of the sharing of resources. It is essential to respect the dignity of each human being, and to understand that we are all different, because marked by our culture and our history, but driven by the conviction that the equality of all human beings is a fundamental value. However, we must not misunderstand this concept that everyone must question: equality is not identity. It is fraternity that provides the necessary conditions for the realization of LE DROIT HUMAIN, a title of which we are proud.

So yes, if you wish to undertake a personal journey in response to the quest for meaning in human life, it is possible that our Order will respond to this need. It is in a ritual setting conducive to reflection and exchange that our meetings take place. Thirty thousand members have chosen this possibility throughout the world, within our Masonic Order. They reflect there with complete freedom of conscience, they share their questions among themselves, they do not receive ready-made answers, they feed on the thoughts of those who share their work in the meetings of a Masonic lodge including the average number is around thirty members. The lodge offers the possibility of a thought in constant construction, nourished by personal life experience, enriched by exchange with that of others.

The present time is marked by a revolution as important as that of printing for all humans, that, according to the established expression, of “artificial intelligence”. The positive aspects for human beings are innumerable, there is no need to take inventory. But possible deviations exist and manifest themselves not only on a daily basis, but also in projects including that of “transhumanism” which promises an “augmented” man. This project is in contradiction with the free development of the thought of every human being, a thought that characterizes our species, a thought that we do not want to abandon to an “artificial intelligence” beyond all control. It is not an “augmented” man who presents himself in this way, it is a “diminished” man.

So it is in the context of our meetings, far from the noise of the world, that we take the time very regularly to put our thoughts into action to understand the world, to understand our fellow human beings, to bring our daily actions into line with the values that we advocate, those of our motto, but also those essential to ensure that all “Human Beings” can benefit from the maximum of intellectual, moral and spiritual development. This is how they can progress in humanity, and with the help of their fellow human beings contribute to the Progress of Humanity.

To conclude these few words, it is a pleasure for me to be the spokesperson for all the members of our Order to send you our best wishes for the new year. May this year be for you and your loved ones, a year of light bringing you health, joy and happiness. May it be a year of progress for world peace.

René Motro,
Grand Master of the International Order of freemasonry for men and women LE DROIT HUMAIN






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