Becoming Freemason

amin qui frappe à la porteHow does one become a Freemason within LE DROIT HUMAIN ?

The only conditions for applying are to be of legal age, of irreproachable conduct and to be willing to work on one’s own development.

Applications for admission are examined within the logias. The President of the Lodge, when he receives an application for initiation, investigates to ensure that the applicant is “honest and free” (i.e. is honest, is not subject to conviction, is upright in his thoughts and not affiliated with an organisation that bullies individuals).

These are members of the lodges who, informed of the results of the survey, vote for or against the admission of a new member. The ballot must yield a large majority of affirmative votes. The administrative bodies of the federations and the Order ensure that the procedures are carried out in an objective and regulatory manner.

If the opinion of the lodge is positive, the applicant will be initiated, according to the ritual practiced within the lodge. During this ceremony, he will be asked to take an oath to the Order.

What does a Freemason commit himself to? The oath taken by all Freemasons of theMASONIC ORDER FOR MEN AND WOMEN International LE DROIT HUMAIN has nothing against honor. The Freemason undertakes to respect the regulations of the Order, to be assiduous in the Lodge, to pay a financial contribution and to strive to be just, good and loyal in society.

Are you interested in joining our Order?

If you already know a HUMAN RIGHT Freemason, the quickest way is to contact him or her.

If you are interested in joining our Order, you can find a contact near you via the maps in the Locations tab or complete and return the form below.

All the data that you communicate to us is only necessary to identify you and will not be communicated to any institution or organization outside our Order. All fields marked with * are required.

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